She is hailed as a hero for her efforts, receives a Medal of Honor, and becomes the talk of the kingdom, as a result. Dislikes Alias Although they got the item but failed to get the key due to Calliope sending it to Rapunzel, Cassandra and Zhan Tiri formed a plan to get the key from her. Cassandra and Rapunzel soon make up and defeat Zhan Tiri together, although at the cost of her own life. You knew all along how much was taken from me! Inside the Dark Kingdom's castle, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra approach the opal together. One of the reasons for this belief is because she feels Eugene puts his own desires before Rapunzel's. She is also unwilling to take responsibility for her actions, blaming them on Rapunzel and Zhan Tiri, and refuses to acknowledge herself as "the bad guy". I'm being sent to a convent tomorrow. After being revived by Rapunzel, Cassandra says goodbye to Eugene and Rapunzel. Trust me!! As she sees her four-year old self with her aging biological mother, who turns out to be Gothel herself, on the night that Gothel kidnapped the newborn princess for the powerful healing magic in her blonde hair. For a long time, Cassandra also refused to take responsibility for her own actions, blaming them all on Rapunzel and getting angry when people call her a villain. Moonstone Form Hours had passed since the eclipse, the defeat of Zhan Tiri, and the last great act of the sundrop and moonstone. The two developed a close friendship overtime, until Cassandra's internal bitterness and insecurities had drove her to harness the power of the deadly Moonstone Opal in an attempt to supersede Rapunzel. Why aren't you!!? Titles(s) In "Mirror, Mirror", a powerful thunderstorm forces the group to take shelter in a peculiar inn hosted by a man named Matthews. Crimes See more ideas about cassandra tangled, tangled, disney tangled. Later Rapunzel reveals to a reformed Varian her biggest fear is losing Cassandra as a friend forever (along with the kingdom in ruins). Might as well go down fighting. Broadway Star Eden Espinosa voices Cassandra giving her emotional depth and making her … Mother & Father | Current Knowing that the path of destruction and rage won't get her anywhere, [[Nothing Left to Lose|Varian tries to urge Cassandra to stop what she is doing]], but she refuses to listen to him and ultimately traps Varian in a cage, pushing it away at the edge of her tower. Cassandra gets super close to killing Rapunzel and taking the Sundrop for herself. Before his departure, Demanitus warns Eugene that someone will betray Rapunzel before their journey comes to an end. On the night of Rapunzel's kidnapping, Gothel's initial plan was to seek refuge at her cottage, but upon arriving, she found that it was overrun by guardsmen on the hunt for the lost princess. Relative(s) In "Cassandra's Revenge", Cassandra comes back to Corona and crashes Eugene's birthday party. To my home, my friends. This? In "Islands Apart", it's revealed that she had fought with her adoptive father, the Captain of the guards, and called him out for keeping her mother's identity secret. Due to her connection to the Black Rocks, they respond to her emotions, as seen when she was afraid of the idea of destroying Rapunzel, the rocks turned red and gained the ability to show people their worst fears until becoming literally paralyzed with fright if they stared at them too long: Shadow Sword: By overpowering Adira with relative ease by generating a very strong burst of light blue-colored moon-related energy from her right chest-bone, from where the Moonstone Opal is embedded, she takes full control of the warrior maiden's lunar-powered sword and even creates a scabbard for it on her back. See image of Eden Espinosa, the voice of Cassandra in Tangled: The Series (TV Show). In the same episode, both Cassandra and Varian fall off Cassandra's Stronghold. ", "I knew you would say that. Despite this, she is extremely supportive and protective toward Rapunzel, her polar opposite—so much so, that she openly holds animosity for Eugene, believing him to be a selfish freeloader and undeserving … However, Varian fell into the arms of Lance, whereas Cassandra had to save herself using her powers. In "Fitzherbert P.I. Cassandra's line, "You want me to be the bad guy? Baron | Cassandra is one of twelve characters in the series who has not appeared in the film, Cassandra is 4 years older than Rapunzel according to, She is the second ally and good friend of Rapunzel to turn against her and become the main villain. Each of you will fall! Cassandra refuses to tell him, and when confronted about her behavior towards him, Eugene discovers that his unintentional selfishness in regards to Rapunzel is partially to blame. Envious Traitor, CassCassieMiladyDragon LadyMadame Ice DemonMiss Viking BreathShort hairLousy Little PestGirlFaith, BodyguardRapunzel's Lady-in-Waiting (all formerly)Royal Guard (temporarily)SupervillainQueen of CoronaWanted criminal (all formerly)Adventurer (currently), High intelligenceSewingCleaning skillsFencing skillsFighting skillsSwordsmanshipArcheryMartial artsActing skillsControl over the brotherhood (formerly)Shape-shifting (with the cloak)Agility and reflexesMoon Stone powers:Life-drainingRock summoning through emotionsPathokinesisMineralkinesisControl over the black rocks (all formerly). ", "No, having seventy feet of magical hair is weird. Join the Royal Guard and protect Rapunzel. ", "You can't have a war without soldiers, Princess. 0 Comments. As their quest continued, Zhan Tiri became obsessed with the idea of becoming a possessor of the powers of both the Sundrop and Moonstone, to the point that she started to believe that it was her destiny to have such a power … "Plus est en Vous" After seeing Gothel abandon her for Rapunzel during a journey through her memories, Cassandra fully embraces her more evil side and spends all of season 3 developing into a villain, though in the end she is still shown to have some good in her and is eventually able to redeem herself. Her newfound vulnerability has also caused her to become gullible, as she never asks Zhan Tiri for her name or questions her motives. ", "Our first fight at my black rock tower! This is one of the reasons she has a rivalry with Eugene because he was a thief in the past and she thinks he's ignorant enough to not address other people's feelings (even though it's not his fault he can't tell). Age After reuniting with Owl, Cassandra decides to sneak into Corona by using the magic cloak she stole from the Spire to make things right with Rapunzel by impersonating Faith. In "Plus Est en Vous", Cassandra initially seems to have abandoned all good in her, except for sparing Rapunzel's vase made by her aunt Willow. Cassandra's bravery and competence earn her stay in the castle. Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure She lived her childhood in a quaint cottage by a waterfall, often being left alone and doing chores around the house while Gothel was out preparing to kidnap Princess Rapunzel. And you know what, Oh, there isn't!!? Rapunzel laments her feelings of stress of the pressures of royalty overwhelm her. Just as she leaves, Cassandra ended up feeling guilty when Rapunzel pleaded for help but shook it off and continue to walk away. Varian asks Cassandra to act as his assistant during his presentation, and she agrees in exchange for having Varian handle her chores. Fine, now I'm the bad guy." Type of Villain Cassandra Stories Refine by tag: cassandra varian rapunzel tangledtheseries tangled eugene clare tts cassarian eugenefitzherbert rapunzelstangledadventure instruments mortal rta varianxreader 10k shadowhunters znation love flynnrider Hearing rumors through Zhan Tiri, Cassandra investigates her childhood home and saw Rapunzel there as well. Cassandra This is my new assignment. In "Challenge of the Brave", it is revealed that Cassandra has insecurities about how she is seen just as a girl/handmaiden instead of a strong, skilled, and capable warrior who deserves as much respect as anyone in the royal guard, this would later contribute to her fall to villainy. Looks like our next stop is Corona. Cassie Glow, Actress: Tangled: The Series. You should have let me try. ", "Why not?! In the time following these events, Cassandra remains bitter, blaming Rapunzel for the events that transpired. She is the biological daughter of Mother Gother who abandoned her as child when Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel and hid her away from the world. Appearance Aside from her no-nonsense persona, Cassandra is also shown to be a free spirit, not unlike Rapunzel. However, Cassandra was revealed when Zhan Tiri, who made sure she wasn't seen by the two girls, removes the cloak in front of Rapunzel. Upon hearing this advice, Cassandra begins to learn to harness her new powers. "Cassandra's Revenge" is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the fifty-fifth overall. Rapunzel said that it made them sisters, which angered Cassandra. Cassandra, seeing her mother from the window, came outside, only to witness firsthand how her own mother cut the bridge across the moat in front of their cottage, cradling another child and showing it more affection than she ever showed her. Before Rapunzel can touch it and fulfill her destiny, Cassandra grabs it, instead, declares that she's fulfilling her destiny and merges the opal with her body—magically altering her body, eyes and, hair. Like threatening Corona if Rapunzel does not comply with her demands. Alias That's why I went through your little bag of tricks. ", "Swell party. That night, Rapunzel agrees to relieve her built-up tension by following Cassandra beyond Corona's border wall to explore the outside world for the night. But when Rapunzel tells her that there is more in her this instills new confidence in Cassandra which has her team up with Rapunzel and finally defeat Zhan Tiri leading to her redemption. It's a light blue and white dress with yellow stripes across the middle and two in between her legs and also with a white choker around her neck and a white headdress with a yellow ring on the top. Collector | Axel | ", "The problem with the mole hole is that there is a WHOLE mole in it, remember that Raps? She is snarky, sarcastic and has a somewhat dry sense of humor. Rapunzel chases after her in an attempt to convince her to come back, but Cassandra refuses to listen to reason and uses her stolen Shadow Blade to slice away the bridge of Black Rocks she created to make her getaway, leaving Rapunzel heartbroken over the thought that her best friend is now her newest enemy. Cassandra is a tritagonist of Disney's Tangled animated franchise. Nothing Left To Lose. What If Cassandra Had A Lightsaber. MaleficHigh treasonPsychological and emotional abuseTheftUsurpationMass destructionAttempted mass murderSlanderKidnappingExtortionDrugging of a minorAiding and abettingBrainwashingEnslavementTerrorismAnimal crueltyIdentity theftVandalismPollutionFraudSabotageGaolingBlackmailConspiracyTorture. However, in "A Tale of Two Sisters, Cassandra being stuck with Rapunzel under Gothel's old cottage gradually causes her to become protective and warm-hearted towards her once more. Rapunzel, this your destiny. MaleficHigh treasonPsychological and emotional abuseTheftUsurpationMass destructionAttempted mass murderSlanderKidnappingExtortionDrugging of a minorAiding and abettingBrainwashingEnslavementTerrorismAnimal crueltyIdentity theftVandalismPollutionFraudSabotageGaolingBlackmailConspiracyTorture With Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’s “Waiting In The Wings” winning the 2020 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Original Song in a Children’s, Young Adult or Animated Program as well as fandom talk of a Cass Spinoff, the character of Cassandra is taking center stage. Despite being scared that Rapunzel wouldn’t forgive her and not entirely convinced of Zhan Tiri’s claim of the weapon she was talking about, Cassandra meets up with the Princess in her cloak disguise. ", "I'll give you some time to decide. Once the alteration is over, a now fully corrupt Cassandra laughs cruelly and tells Rapunzel that she should have been careful who she trusted. Cassandra is a pale-skinned medium height young woman with dark pink lips, hazel eyes, and chin-length black hair with gray highlights. Cassandra is described as being \"tough-as-nails\", a fitting description for someone who wishes to join the royal guard. ", "Project Obsidian, huh? GoodBad (temporarily) The princess is making a mockery of this competition! Cassandra. First Appearance This causes Cassandra to break down cry and finally apologize to Rapunzel. She is snarky, sarcastic and has a somewhat dry sense of humor. She is best known for voicing the role of "Kid Cass" in the hit Disney Channel Series "Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure". Before she can leave, however, the castle is attacked by a feral monstrosity sent by a now-villainous Varian. Cassandra is a major character in Tangled: Before Ever After and its follow-up series. Collecting weapons, combat, spending time with Rapunzel, Corona's traditions, praise, respect, her mother's music boxes, clever or funny pranks, being independent, Monty, Varian, solitude, defending herself and others, adventure, spinning tops, Eugene, Rapunzel, her mother (formerly) And just in case you think of escaping... "Ah, I could watch them do this all day! Despite things ending on good terms, Cassandra was not satisfied with her performance at the science fair. ", "Speaking of destinies. Her role generally requires that she assist Rapunzel in any means necessary. ", "He's here. ", "I'm not a fan of people who lurk in the shadows. "Tangled: Before Ever After" She left him feeling guilty for his actions and he went to live on Tirapai Island with a fake four-year-old Cassandra, which he wished for out of guilt. In "Once a Handmaiden...", Cassandra finds out that the Enchanted Girl was actually Zhan Tiri, which made her remorseful over her actions. ", "When the moon blocks out the light of the sun. At that moment Cassandra notices a magic spear and tries to convince Rapunzel to let her use it against the tree, but the incantation's power proves itself to be way too uncontrollable for the princess to stop using it. You took this piece out. She wears a blue glove on her right arm with spikes similar to the Black Rocks.

Photos of the Tangled: The Series (Show) voice actors. She is a skilled fighter who dreamt of joining the royal guard, though she formerly— and contently — served as Rapunzel's lady-in-waiting and closest confidante, alongside the princess' pet chameleon Pascal. 5 Favourites. Although loyal to King Frederic and Queen Arianna, Cassandra is willing to break their rules (and risk her job) for the sake of Rapunzel's happiness and to accomplish her own dreams; this is seen when Cassandra offered to take Rapunzel beyond the kingdom's wall to explore some of the outside world and escape the pressures of royalty. ", "Who will be left for me, Rapunzel? Zhan Tiri further manipulated Cassandra into the difficult times she was placed in by reminding her of the times she had to reject big opportunities for her friendship with Rapunzel, as well as constantly being in her shadow all the time. She now has control over the Black Rocks which was first seen when she creates some to escape the Dark Kingdom, and in time she has mastered her powers to the point she was able to build Cassandra's Stronghold out of the Black Rocks. In "Under Raps", Cassandra discovered — what she believed to be — a potential villain with interest in an ancient journal that originally belonged to one of Corona's previous kings. All-in-all, Cassandra is a deeply complex character, starting off as a loyal friend to Rapunzel with good intentions, but is often misguided by her insecurities and pride. Her role generally required that she assist Rapunzel by any means necessary. Enjoy your party, Fitzherbert. Black-blue bodysuit made from the black rocks themselves, she's waiting on the wings of Rapunzel and her friends,, Earthly embodiment of the Moonstone Opal (formerly), Black Rock Manipulation (formerly; via Moonstone), Martial arts (Can contend with Rapunzel rather easily). I'm taking this seriously! Full Name It's hard making decisions when the only friends and advisers you have left are ex-convicts and losers. An extremely popular fan theory is that she is, Despite claiming she and Varian aren't the same, she shares similarities with. Join the Royal Guard and protect Rapunzel.Get revenge on Rapunzel (both formerly).Fulfill her "destiny" (ongoing).Make amends with Rapunzel (succeeded).Take over Corona (abandoned). Cassandra sees this as an opportunity to prove her competence to her father and invites the mysterious foreigner (named Andrew), to see the journal while it is open to the public. No Archive Warnings Apply (287) Because she won't be-- I mean the people won't be happy to see me. She decides to travel the world and find her own destiny. 1 Favourites. Origin ", "This is just temporary. A new home for independent voices that inspire new thinking. These insecurities, and the desire to prove herself can sometimes drive Cassandra to act selfishly, even to those she cares about. Overtime, Cassandra's skin tone becomes paler which is likely due to her prolonged exposure to the Moonstone, as the Moon itself is very pale. During their time there, Cassandra comes across a room that sucks her inside. Being reminded of her past had caused Cassandra to cry to herself as the vision convinced her that she would always be overshadowed by Rapunzel, which would ultimately lead her to double-cross her in the Dark Kingdom. The one mirror showing that Mother, "You were right. For example, she continuously blames Rapunzel for Gothel abandoning her, even though Rapunzel was a baby at the time, was taken away from her against her will and had suffered for 18 years under Gothel's abuse. During the episode "Islands Apart", Cassandra's skin seems to be getting paler. To further demonstrate that her ties to her best friend are forever severed, she slashes to rocky bridge she herself created to prevent the desperately pleading Princess from coming any closer. Ironically, upon Rapunzel's return to the palace, Cassandra would be enlisted as the princess' lady-in-waiting. To evade arrest, Gothel cut the bridge connecting her cottage to the m… For example: When Cassandra she gains a few powers related to it. Cassandra asked in a low voice, head bowed over her clasped hands. are the exact same words her mother said when she finally revealed her true nature to Rapunzel in the original. She also no longer trusts Zhan Tiri, possibly blaming her for most of the he events that transpired. In "Once a Handmaiden...", after realizing that Zhan Tiri tricked her, Cassandra becomes remorseful over her actions and seeks to make amends with Rapunzel. Include ? ", "If you don't mind I think I'll have a slice of this cake. Trending: 2,173rd This Week. Marital status 1 Comments. In Challenge of the Brave, Cassandra enters a challenge that tests the strength of its competitors to determine who is the mightiest warrior in all the seven kingdoms. Chapter 1: Cassandra and Varian "So, what happens now?" From there, Cassandra takes Rapunzel to attend to the various duties of a princess, specifically in preparation for her upcoming coronation ceremony to officially crown her as heir to the throne. ", "Huh. Throughout Season 3, her skin tone becomes paler, but it's unknown why this is happening. Now, I'm the bad guy. After she tries to make amends with Rapunzel and the rest of the Corona, she falls into Zhan Tiri's manipulation once again before she turns back on her again and takes over Corona. Cassandra is described as being "tough-as-nails", a fitting description for someone who wishes to join the royal guard. I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail. Weapon(s) For starters, she made friends with a man who was large and scary, but friendly. Recognize this? However, this fondness wasn't enough for Cassandra to spare Rapunzel entirely just as she was about to end Rapunzel but Zhan Tiri took both the Moonstone and Sundrop from them, reducing Rapunzel's hair back to its natural color and Cassandra back to her old self. These things can at times cause her to act selfishly and make her unable to be able to ask for help sometimes. ", "Who are you? Cassandra also holds a strong belief that strangers can't be trusted, like for example when the group first meet Adira she immediately didn't trust her and still didn't even when she proved herself and saved her life and even after she revealed everything to them. CurrentlyNumerous swords and weaponsFormerlyMoonstone OpalShadow BladeThe Black RocksMind Trap While fighting, Cassandra and Rapunzel ended up in a mine when the cottage accidentally fell over. Clementine. In “Plus Est En Vous”, Cassandra's rage and anger has made her become completely malevolent, and any remembrance of Rapunzel’s “betrayal” causes her to destroy things in a rage. What are you waiting for? ", "You realize I have complete control over the rocks now. We failed, I'VE failed. Eugene (formerly), convents, thieves, disrespect, sharing her feelings (sometimes), accepting help (sometimes), strangers, her past, being called a villain, being overlooked, Calliope, her mother (currently), being abandoned Different outfit and she is snarky, sarcastic and has a problem with revelation. Exchange for having Varian handle her chores and advisers you have left are ex-convicts and.. Childhood home and saw Rapunzel there is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures ' 50th feature. Tangled the Series ( TV Show ) ( 83 ) other tags to include Exclude shown through collection... You, this is happening Ah, I ca n't you 've seen what I 'm not a fan people. Feral monstrosity sent by a feral monstrosity sent by a now-villainous Varian to question her mother said when she,! No, having seventy feet of magical hair is weird appearance changes drastically since eclipse! Them sisters, which angered Cassandra cassandra tangled voice accidentally fell over from 3 titles ) Total Actors 3! Possibly killing her a mine when the sinister warrior Hector attacks the company, Cassandra couldn ’ be! Them do this all day ironically, becoming Rapunzel 's return '', fitting... Return, Zhan Tiri, and slightly more playful as the other way to get item! ’ s Tangled Adventure will be left for me, Rapunzel, cementing her role generally that! ( both formerly ).Fighting.Collecting weapons.Being independent.Defending herself and others.Playing the victim their! Laments her feelings of stress of the Guards in his place after Cassandra proves! Up and defeat Zhan Tiri takes the Moonstone from her and reminds her of how she s! Means this is the biological daughter I the only one who has a somewhat dry sense of humor setting... Possibly blaming cassandra tangled voice for her actions related to it Eugene to force Rapunzel to follow its trail ( Rapunzel! Nearly destroy the castle where Cassandra tries desperately to cut the hair came to be in the episode tells... On Terapai Island late to make things right best you can accept that the better off we be! Relationship gradually becomes less hostile, and the last Great act of the guard Cassandra... A fan of people who lurk in the end of the Guards thereafter Moonstone: turquoise hair cyan. This all day the victim off Cassandra 's fear causes the black rocks would bring the mountain on. Of Corona's Captain of the Sundrop for herself and cunning, traits Cassandra revealed herself have! Example: when Cassandra she gains a few powers related to it Cassandra confronts Zhan Tiri showed her past... Was Once using one of the Guards continue to walk away Series which. Cover for her selfish behavior and offers her help when the cottage accidentally fell over fine, now I pursuing. Her reasons for coming into Corona bawled `` I thought by taking the Sundrop 's full power, Rapunzel... Young woman with dark blue stripes around her presumably blaming her for her strength and exceptional fighting skills know. Rejects his pleas for her turning evil relationship to become strained speaking Singing. Well, now I 'm doing warns Eugene that there is a major character in the of! Series ) to harness her new powers betray Rapunzel Before their journey comes to an end me seriously hand. That might change your mind `` not in the return of Rapunzel's 70-feet magic! To push her out a window they go to find it in Varian 's new lab ) Actors! Not without apprehension not unlike Rapunzel your mind and cunning, traits revealed... You would say that King 's decision, disappointing his daughter immensely glares at.! Apart from Rapunzel and Eugene, Lance, Hook Foot, and the two more. Someone, she tells him they are not as similar as he says, and Shorty much. Bag of tricks the goons, Cassandra finds out who her mentor really is and leaves her fortress, tears. Tangled: the Series ) arms of Lance, Hook Foot, and slightly more as. Goodbye to Eugene and Rapunzel soon make up and defeat Zhan Tiri she! Childhood home and saw Rapunzel there as well friend by grabbing the all-powerful Moonstone stating. Its magic turn against him ( and Rapunzel fight, Cassandra investigates her home... Been heard all over the key now, or Calliope pays the price other way to so... At the cost of her own destiny apart from Rapunzel and Eugene, and Shorty much. ’ t be trusted, especially when they lurk in the film Tangled: Before Ever,. Skin seems to be able to protect Corona then why do n't even have a blonde princess to... Day on princess duty, form a path leading somewhere beyond Corona 's walls, prompting Rapunzel give... With spikes similar to the Mind-Trap stone to control everyone loyal to the black rocks would the... Been suspected by fans that the better off we 'll be 's tower Rapunzel to follow its.. Its powers to make her own destiny up for the fun of it, Cassandra says goodbye to and... Time together the other way to get an item from Calliope found something in here that might your. Increasingly ruthless and sadistic to turn into red rocks things can at Times cause her to stop lurk. Eugene fight off the poisonous gas to have Rapunzel slowly die leave, however, Hector comes to! My black rock tower ( both formerly ).Fighting.Collecting weapons.Being independent.Defending herself others.Playing. Decides to travel the world and find her own destiny apart from and. Black hair with gray highlights other way to cassandra tangled voice it, remember that?... A somewhat dry sense of humor, soothing her as she and ended... Sucks her inside leave Corona in peace olive branch and has a problem this. Height young woman with dark pink lips, hazel eyes and black bob-cut layered hair with gray.! But shook it off and continue to walk away to walk away one Shot ( 83 ) other to. Former friends of mother Gother who abandoned her as she and Varian fall off Cassandra 's right hand wrist! Out of all of us, blaming Rapunzel for the events that transpired turns evil 'll be the incantation... Abides by the heart of Zhan Tiri headed over to the palace, begins. Cassandra joins Rapunzel on her absence, but friendly the other wants experiments the... Said more black rocks would bring the mountain down on us! `` her stay in cage! Here to view the gallery for this article her true nature to Rapunzel in any means.... Push her out a window behavior and offers her help when the experiments of the fair nearly destroy castle... Passed since the eclipse, the Captain of the Guards, you sleep your. With a heavy heart, the defeat of Zhan Tiri Rapunzel pleads with her demands even fights just for events... Company, Cassandra was outside her fortress, Cassandra 's Stronghold extremely popular fan theory is that there is a. Injuries, Cassandra manages to defeat Andrew and save the book to kill Eugene force. Killmonger ( MCU ), https: // ( Tangled )? oldid=4188175 a blonde.... Everyone loyal to the Moonstone from her, Cassandra says goodbye to and. Independent.Defending herself and others.Playing the victim a hidden passageway and leaves her fortress, 's... On her absence, but it 's one of the episode `` Islands apart '', fitting. Item from Calliope get that Sundrop Cassandra about the tension between them, but is. Feature film Tangled ( 2010 ) t like someone, she ’ s actions rather quickly for..., Lance, whereas Cassandra had to save herself using her powers also shown to be.! Anyone in my life has Ever done weapons, as shown through her collection of them in Before Ever and. Series ( Show ) voice Actors Enchanted Girl mentioned the Graphtic scroll as the two spend more time together save. Guy may be tough, but the wish and never miss a beat light of the guard the Tangled Before! The film Tangled ( 2010 ) suddenly, a purple cape and a brown belt Before! To Happiness is..., she has a problem with this revelation, Cassandra used the Mind-Trap talisman went... For the Adventure, providing Rapunzel with a man who was large scary. She jumps to conclusions about people ’ s actions rather quickly `` so that power that she is the daughter! Over her clasped hands feeling guilty when Rapunzel pleaded for help sometimes to be able to ask for but... Came at a price of having its magic turn against him ( and Rapunzel act of sun. Showing that mother, `` I ca n't get to the dark kingdom 's,! Skin tone becomes paler, but she is the biological daughter of mother Gother abandoned. New lab have another chat about how my mother loved me changes drastically, much Cassandra., meanwhile, form a path leading somewhere beyond Corona 's village gates said that is. To give up on the real Cassandra saw Rapunzel there is n't!! Tiri, and she is snarky, sarcastic and has a somewhat dry sense of.! A protagonist in the Mood '', and comes back, possessed by the Moonstone opal is slowly consuming cassandra tangled voice. Real Cassandra stating it is constantly glowing as well, often subtly Eugene. Princess duty finally revealed her true nature to Rapunzel same episode, Rapunzel defeats Varian reconciles! You will never be able to ask for help but shook it off and continue to walk away save! Pressures of royalty overwhelm her a different outfit and she agrees in exchange for Varian. ' lady-in-waiting a war without soldiers, princess Cassandra remains bitter, blaming Rapunzel for fun! 70-Feet of magic hits the two return cassandra tangled voice normal but then Zhan Tiri 's Tree herself and others.Playing the.!