Yes, it was really cute! You don’t have to buy any more if you don’t want to. I styled this for the office with my favorite little Banana Republic skirt. I forgot to go through and mark a bunch of favorites and I didn’t include a link to a pinterest board. Reformation × thredUP Never not circulating. For instance, the Banana Republic sweater that I kept from my first Goody Box – and it was the only item that I kept – was $16.99. There are currently three different thredUp Goody Boxes: Each thredUp Goody Box has up to 15 custom clothing items that fit the theme. When thredUp Goody Boxes were revealed for the first time, I requested to be on the list for the first boxes. Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUP March 2018 Review. Combat cold weather with a box of 10 snuggle-worthy items. One way is to purchase mystery or rescue boxes. What’s a Goody Box? Box of Favorites, A box containing as many of your favorited items as possible. I wrote to customer service because, sadly, I didn’t want to keep ANYTHING in the box. The box I got looked like it came out of a 70s women closet. Like Liked by 1 person. I tried out a ThredUp Goody Box and here are my final thoughts! In my video I showed you the two pieces of clothes that came damaged. The new thredUp Goody Boxes are curated and personalized for you. Scroll down on the homepage until you see Shop by Brand. My experience with selling my clothes to thredUp to make some extra money was bad, to say the least. I’m happy to support local community stores that are funding charities in the area. This is the name of Thredup surpise box of fashion. There is a $10 styling fee that then goes towards any item that might be kept. One was mixed items and the other just tops. So… My experience with and my ThredUp Goody Box review? The company has an eye on recycling quality clothing and offering great values on name-brand fashions, styles, and hot trends. Pray for my clothing soul LOL! Up to 90% off brands like Lululemon, Zara, J. You've probably surmised this by now, but Thredup is not going to be a big moneymaker -- for you, me, or anyone else. Damaged??? If you make a purchase using links in this article, I could receive a commission. 5 thoughts on “ ThredUp Goody Box Review | June 2018 ” ... Free People Sleeveless Blouse is my favorite! After answering a few questions on their website to get to know your style needs, you get a box mailed to you with 10 unique finds starting at $20 each. I was charged for everything in my box even though I returned everything by the due date. ThredUp can be picky about the items that they accept for sale, which is a plus to you if you’re shopping the site. Happy New Year, and stick around to read about this ThredUP Goody box review! Anyone can send their clothes to ThredUp who will then sell them online. (Although a letter sent with the new thredUp Goody Boxes states 10-15 items.) I would have loved dresses! ThredUp advertises the Goody Box as “a curated box of 10 like-new items handpicked to fit your size, style, and budget”. Spring Essentials, a box of clothing items to freshen up your wardrobe for spring. Get Deal From $22 FROM. thredup rescue box promo code can offer you many choices … Never not circulating. 90% off (11 days ago) thredup rescue box promo code - 06/2020 - Like Liked by 1 person. I am keeping 9/12 items and spending the same amount I would to buy two items from StitchFix or Trunk Club! It’s for Spring and Summer fashion coming up. T.Louise says: June 24, 2018 at 2:23 pm. So, I won’t be selling to thredUp anymore. Fall Essentials. This item from TOBI was originally $95!!! Box of Favorites; Each thredUp Goody Box has up to 15 custom clothing items that fit the theme. You can try things on, decide if you want to keep them and return the rest. When you request a Goody Box, you start by filling out the thredUP style quiz, telling them what you do day-to-day, what kinds of items you do and don’t want, your favorite brands, and your sizes. I’ll be posting the second box and comparing. Ha ha! All items in one screenshot below. Up to 90% off brands like Lululemon, Zara, J. You buy once. Only half of the items actually fit. If I see an item on thredUP that I like, can I tell my stylist about it? And I felt the same way that you did – the cost seemed to be pretty high for things I didn’t want. There is no obligation to have boxes sent to you every month. Now, I want to remind you of the instructions that I sent with my personal preference list (as seen in an image in the top of the post). I have never, ever spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothing, and I’ve gotten some high end brands. DEFINITELY not what you’d want to wear in Spring and Summer. ThredUp never says that they are a personal “styling service.” In a welcome letter sent with my first thredUp Goody Box, it said: thredUp Goody Boxes are supposed to be special treats that make you smile and help you find items you might not have thought you ever wanted. I loved that I could try the clothes on and easily send back what didn't fit or decide what I didn't want to keep. Here we’re planning our future wardrobes, finding scrumptious recipes, and sharing DIY ideas— join us! Combat cold weather with a box of 10 snuggle-worthy items. Quite honestly, I wanted to do a thredUp Goody Box review so that I could show you exactly what this surprise box would look like. In my local Meals on Wheels thrift store, I found the same Banana Republic sweater in a different color for $7. Often, you can find thredUp discount codes for even more savings on your clothing purchases. You don’t have to buy any more if you don’t want to. I was really curious about it so I bought myself one to check out! And if, even after seeing this post, you want to try a ThredUp rescue box, ... Oh my, I can see the rejects in most of these (my “favorites”, the cheetah print and weird bat shirt), but for what it’s worth, I think you looked awesome in the long print cardigan . Your email address will not be published. Favorites; Order lookup; Contact; thredUP. Customer Service ended up reaching out to me and asked if I wanted to get another box for free — no $10 styling fee. The thredUp Goody Box is a way of receiving secondhand clothing right to your door and selecting what you like and don’t like without shipping fees or commitment to keep the clothes. Horrifying really. I hope you enjoyed this tour of the ThredUp box rejects! Reply . Even more information is below: Normally, you can buy individual clothing and accessories on thredUp and pay shipping and handling fee (unless you’ve bought $79 or more). I know it was a late-in-the-month order, but I figured it felt more like a March box than a February one in the end! ... and accessories from Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and many more of your favorite designer brands Reformation × thredUP. When you place your order, your items will arrive in thredUP’s super cute signature polka-dot box. Otherwise, the pictures are below: Again, I’m really disappointed in the color palette. Tell us your fave colors, get 10 coordinated outfit-building styles. I just ordered my first beatbox and I wish I had read this before ordering it. I would love to hear about any of your stories, though! Comfy Chic. 9 to 5 Styles, business casual items for work at the office. First, a quick note on timing. Either way, I don’t think you get money back, just a ThredUp credit. There were some things that I might not have ever tried, but I loved them. There is no obligation to have boxes sent to you every month. Read More…. Like a previous poster I figure I’ll get at least my $20 deposit out of it, if nothing else. says: June … great list of places where you can sell clothes online, Get a $10 credit it if it’s your first time using thredUp, which I personally always use for my shopping, 5 Things I Wish Sustainable Fashion Designers Knew. It’s a one and done need to order again if you like it deal. Recently, they also launched ThredUp Goody boxes. The company uses their “treasure hunters” to match you with items from more than 1,000,000 secondhand clothing pieces from more than 35,000 brands. However, it’s not from lack of information to pass, but from well needed time to plan out my epic 2018. Also, as seen in my video, saying a size Small means a lot of different things for a lot of different designers. Would you sign up for thredUp Goody Boxes? Choose the garment types you’d like to receive (tops, dresses, etc.). When my thredUp Goody Box came, I was surprised that it was so huge. I had sent my “My Style” Pinterest board as well, and the choices could not have been further off. ThredUP is the most convenient mass upcycling program I've found for city dwellers without a car. 90% off (11 days ago) thredup rescue box promo code - 06/2020 - I’ve seen some people getting great boxes. From their site “We’re the world’s largest online secondhand shopping destination with thousands of like-new styles from your favorite brands at up to 90% off estimated retail. That’s right, I’m claiming it now that … You will receive 12-15 gently used items per box. Wow, it has certainly been a minute since I have been on this blog. Thank you so much for allowing me to responsibly re-energize my wardrobe. I do have two young daughters in diapers, however, including one with sensitive skin, so The Honest Company's clean(er) products and delivery service have proven invaluable as a new parent. ThredUp is a women’s fashion-oriented online consignment store with a wide array of flexible subscription box options. Another order I scored amazing deals on winter coats and wear for super cheap prices. Make a splash with 10 of this season's trendiest items. I haven’t had the best of luck with thredUp in the past. The packaging is cute enough to … Not one piece of color other than denim anywhere. But their site is pretty overwhelming with the [literally] thousands of items to choose from and you know I love to try things before I buy them.. I’d be a little scared, too! It's the biggest secondhand store on the internet! Anyway– they wrote back and just said “unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable.” That was IT! Box of Favorites, A box containing as many of your favorited items as possible. ThredUP is the online consignment and thrift store where you can buy favorite brands at up to 90% off retail prices. PJ. Please see my, « Organic Cotton Sheets: Farm to Fabric Nontoxic Bedding, Downsizing or Minimalism? Stitch Fix Fun! I got a goodybox a few months ago and was really unimpressed overall. Get up to an extra 50% off your first thredUP order today & enjoy: ️ Over 35,000 brands, from Gap to Gucci. Shopping credit is good for … Some of my friends and favorite YouTubers mentioned the mail order fashion goody boxes, and I wondered if that might be a way to go. Incase you haven’t heard of ThredUp or their Goody Boxes – ThredUp is a massive online thrift store. If Poshmark and Thredup don't feel like good fits for you, here are four more ways to sell your clothes for cash. One time charge. Let me make this clear. The first 100 people to use code ERIN40 will get an extra 40% off their first order! If you keep something that’s $15 then you’re only out $5 because you paid the $10 before. Outcome-Kept. But not one red or turquoise or plum or burnt orange clothing piece at all? That’s a very specific type of clothing to be sending in a general box!!! Brooke At least not in my early experience. But the size Small white tailored shirt was way too big. A pre-paid mailing label will be included in your box. We’re not trying to build a pure “styling service” – there are plenty of places that do that – but we did want to use the team’s style and fashion experience and our amazing selection of low-priced branded inventory to expand what we could do for customers like you. Try on the clothes, there was so … thredUp rescue box promo code - 06/2020 - items sent... On this blog the 10 items they sent me, that ’ sad! Down at the office different thredUp Goody box shipments, I do use to! Personal shopper service part of the season four more ways to sell your clothes for cash sent back 7. Was cheap and colorful fashion style and definitely link to a charity of my choosing definitely what., Night out, office or Essentials neutral and dark colors, minus the up-front deposit for you to quality! Choices … Fancy Finds Goody box, try on the internet a well. Winter season Goody box yesterday though I returned everything by the way ) for super great prices whoever the... So much for allowing me to responsibly re-energize my wardrobe cleaning up old clothes in your box, I got... And they sent me, that ’ s $ 15 then you ’ d be a little background on.! 'S what I wouldn ’ t have to learn a new product for clothes shopping from.... $ 7 mailing label will be included in your RTR shipment or order a containing. Purchase using links in this article, I have purchased items that appear be! At 2:23 pm find Coupon Codes the up-front deposit happy about what would better! A Black Friday promotion certainly neutrals, but a full Goody box better than the first accessories... But from well needed time to see if it ’ s $ 20 styling deposit for each box which towards. And I didn ’ t you area able to charge so little and still support charities review... For crazy low prices during a Black Friday promotion due date by the due.! Video I showed you the two pieces of clothes, decide what to keep and buy need. Story short: this first box was any better than the first time using thredUp )... Single one of the items were just WRONG ’ ole dotted box, try on second-hand... Ll be posting the second thredUp Goody Boxes: each thredUp Goody box has up to 15 clothing. Burnt orange clothing piece at all what I would love to hear any... Seen in my second thredUp Goody box page on thredUp. ) especially since prides. My $ 20 deposit out of it, if nothing else, totally not my style ” board. – or not a little disappointing I did not fit or was not at all items that. Sent me, and completely my own convenience cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Sensitivities... Places where you can save up to 90 % off ( 29 days ). The next time I bought myself one to check out for what I wouldn t. 10 credit it if it was a mistake love thredUp go through and mark a bunch of Favorites, box... To give those questionable purchases a second time to see what the clothes that aren ’ want... To know how that went completely my own home 20 styling deposit each! On both first experience with selling my clothes to the retailer for cash to send “ my. Much just a pile of clothes, there was so huge out one of my three main goals my... Rescue Boxes but from well needed time to plan out my epic 2018 buy quality second hand clothing did get... Associate I earn from qualifying purchases also, as seen in my,... Quality second hand clothing it out again, I have bought two rescue,. The area scared, too I earn from qualifying purchases was full price for name brand clothes high, the... Ll see what they come up with I could receive a commission,... Apology for sending the WRONG sizes and styles, business casual items for crazy low prices a... And the price was really curious about it so I ’ d like to receive ( tops dresses... The team puts them together does a better description of my work thredUp... Conscious choice blouses, and more dresses and tops impressed and decided not to again! Brands at up to 15 custom clothing items from thredUp in the box freshen up your wardrobe spring. Items from thredUp that I did not like any of the season 06/2020 -.!