I can’t”. The ground shakes, there's a bright light and a strange sound, and everyone covers their ears. What is this? WIDMORE: Actually, two presents. I love you, Pen. This is for your new life—away from my daughter. ], [We see Michael, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and Kate walking through the jungle. Rumours and fear regarding the beast continue, until at last, the twins Sam and Eric see the monster and direct Ralph and Jack to its location. ], [The scene suddenly switches to a landscape of snowy peaks in blizzard conditions. You stay here. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is nominated as leader in opposition to Jack Merridew, who declares that he should be chief, as he is ‘chapter chorister and head boy … and can sing C sharp’ (23). You don't want to end up like Dr. Arzt. "Live Together, Die Alone" was the thirteenth episode of the series directed by Jack Bender. While Michael leads you by land, I can approach far more quickly by sea. DESMOND: What if the experiment wasn't on the two men in here, but on the two men in there? CHARLIE: Hey, uh, if you're feeling a little sorry for yourself you may want to have a drink with your mate from the Hatch. ], JIN: 안 돼. Go ahead, open it. A series of flashes occur in which Eko sees images of his life, some of which show the sins Eko has committed. DESMOND: [turning the key] I love you, Penny. Tell them! The savages are our people’. There's no way to see it down here. Kate inspects them.]. ], MAN #1: É isso, não é? HURLEY: We're all going to get killed and you knew it! EKO: [pushing him out of the Hatch] Well, you're free now, John. DESMOND: And what makes you think I would just run away? The Others capture the Losties as Henry Gale is revealed to be the leader! Why?! His behaviour causes Piggy to comment, ‘he’s cracked’ (146). Both the book and television series feature characters that seem strangely ‘in tune’ with the respective islands. And you've got to get as far away from here as possible. But, my ears, you know? JIN: 알아. Not feeling too hot. DESMOND: Tell me about this other hatch you found—this Pearl. I should have been in Fiji in less than a week. How long did you say that you were down there in the Hatch? Another car pulls up and a woman gets out.]. I've read everything Mr. Charles Dickens has ever written - every wonderful word. Can you help me? I thought it was a sign. CLAIRE: Well, something happened. [They hear some rustling in the bushes. And my hunch is you won't say a word to anybody because if you do, people will find out what you did to get your son back. The biggest threat to Jack is John Locke, an enigmatic figure on the island who believes very strongly in the island’s mystical powers. Golding himself stated that Martin died on page 2 (page 8 in the Faber 2005 edition). [Eko lights the fuse] We're in a very confined area. And someone died—a kid. 3. Once you leave, you'll never be able to get back here. You wrecked it pretty good, Des. No, it was here—this, this island. [Sawyer chuckles] What? Locke explores the island whilst hunting and finds a mysterious hatch in the ground. What was the incident? Eko jams his stick under the blast door just before it goes down, but Locke grabs it.]. [to Mr. And two men sat in viewing chairs and filled notebooks with observations on what happens in here. This ocean and this place here. Suddenly, he hears banging and hears something which turns out to be Locke from the night Boone died.]. There was no boat. See? Just as Ralph becomes locked in a tussle to be chief with Jack Merridew, Jack Shephard faces challenges to his leadership. He opens the door of the Hatch, but there is just rock wall behind it. Desmond is rubbing two bare wires together causing the blast doors to come down and locking Eko outside the computer room. EKO: [banging] John! INMAN: Oh, right, Her Majesty's Army, correct? Everything metal in the place starts flying toward the magnet wall. LOCKE: I know what I saw! We are going home. JIN: 내가 오지 말라고 했잖아. Sun throws up over the side. Nope, he's been gone a long time. With Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Naveen Andrews, Emilie de Ravin, Matthew Fox. Eko heads back toward the computer room. Transcripts for Lost episodes up to and including "Enter 77" are based on the transcriptions by Lost-TV member Spooky with aid of DVR, and at times, closed captions for clarification. Yes, I want to go! He had won a two-week vacation in Australia and was returning home when the crash occurred. Posted by 5 months ago. Eventually the monster is revealed to be a pillar of black smoke that sounds vaguely mechanised but appears to act of its own accord. Jack Shepard first used this expression in a speech to unite the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. ("?") You got kicked out because you couldn't follow orders. I'll tell you what, miss, I'm going to win. Ralph is declared chief following an almost unanimous vote but in an attempt to appease Jack, tells him that he will still be head of the choir who will become the group’s hunters. Perhaps the most striking comparison can be made on the theme of leadership. INMAN: Sorry, Des. It printed out numbers. But it was you, John, wasn't it? KATE: [stopping to pretend to tie her shoe] Just keep smiling. No comments: Post a Comment. ], [Flashback - We see Desmond in the Hatch, holding a gun. This is eventually revealed in season two when we learn that Kate murdered her father to save her mother from further domestic abuse. CHARLIE: With dynamite from the old ship in the jungle. Fala que eu... [Subtitle: So it's not a false alarm this time?! It's going to be okay now. MICHAEL: I had to, man. Piggy and Hurley both suggest to their respective leaders, Ralph and Jack Shephard, that they need to take a census of their fellow survivors. [Eko suddenly pounces on Charlie and shoves him up against a wall. You should have seen Radzinsky do this. ], [Present - Back in the Hatch Desmond opens his Dickens book and finds the failsafe key. We see the inside of a fairly small shelter filled with equipment and laundry hanging from lines. Very, very slowly. And you need at least two people who know how to sail. Shortly after this, the smoke monster appears and fatally injures him. Rousseau's got them all over the Island. So you're going to sober up. DESMOND: It would take an atom bomb, brother. Their hoods are taken off, and we see they are gagged.]. ], [Desmond gets in and notices boxes on the seat.]. Michael stands there. The concept of the island as Purgatory or even ‘limbo’ is shown particularly in the encounters between Eko and the smoke monster. [Desmond hits the bare wires together to make the blast doors come down. It is naive and selfish to think that Live free or Die speaks to the individual alone. EKO: Charlie, do you know how they got the Hatch door open? There's something you should see. Jack and Roger and Maurice and Robert and Bill and Piggy and Ralph. Long live the queen. John Locke is almost Simon’s counterpart in Lost. [Subtitle: You won't leave, Jin, because I'm coming with you. I'll make the popcorn. [We see Sayid, Jin and Sun on the sailboat. LOCKE: I found another hatch—another station on the Island. It's real! There was an unseen monster and they started killing each other’. Inevitably then, the first season, and to some extent the second, has a survival narrative similar to Lord of the Flies. Everything starts shaking. Jack yells skeptically at Desmond about the button. The stories may have been written over fifty years ago in a very different world, but their themes of conflict in civilisation, man’s existentialist plight, the battle for survival and the contradictions in the human condition are still just as relevant today. ], MAN #2: Não se preocupe. Furthermore, the title of the novel has itself become an instantly recognisable synonym for survival, savagery and societal breakdown. LOCKE: You want to take a walk? We are stuck in a bloody snow globe! Careful. The ‘beast’ in the novel is first ‘seen’ by one of the littluns who claims to have witnessed a ‘snake-thing’ in the woods. GALE: I'm not happy about the arrangement that was made with you Michael, but we got more than we bargained for when Walt joined us, so I suppose this is what's best. Check out Live Together Die Alone by RH Soundtracks on Amazon Music. Let's work this thing out, John. It didn't do anything. JACK: That's miles from here. SAWYER: So, these Others, you think they're left over from the DHARMA folk? You and your team will come to meet me at the signal and we will go in together. ], [Kate and Jack start running. There are certainly similarities between the characters of Ralph and Jack Shephard as discussed above but another parallel between the television series and the novel are the characters of Piggy and Hurley. He sees the quarantine sign and runs toward the beach. Lord of the Flies is one of those novels ‘you must have read’; it is a staple text on almost every high school curriculum, and more than that, it’s a rare compulsory read that young people can relate to and that they enjoy reading. We're going to get a good night's sleep. LOCKE: Here, reading material for the next 19 minutes. EKO: But I am going to push the button. At these words Simon loses consciousness. There was a lot of evidence for this theory; several characters directly stated that the island was Purgatory or Hell (for example, Richard Alpert and Anthony Copper), many survivors referred to what they did in a ‘previous life’. ], [Desmond runs to the computer and enters the Numbers. Fala de novo que não é um alarme falso. I want to see that tape, John. SAWYER: Alright, enough jibber-jabber, let's roll. [We see Eko climb up out of the Hatch door entrance. Knock yourself out. I—my son! CHARLIE: John! [He starts pulling all the books out of the bookshelf and throwing them. PENELOPE: All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. The boat's all yours, brother, for all the good it'll do you. Acronym for the expression "Live Together, Die Alone". During Boone’s death, Locke returns to the hatch and screams at the island, asking what he has to do. You okay? What if it's just some colossal joke? We're only puppets—puppets on strings. INMAN: Yeah, goodbye. And when I didn't take his money, he took away the only thing in the world that I ever truly cared about. Labels: government, lost, TV. ], [Man #2 goes over to the equipment and hurriedly looks through a book. We're here. Jack fires into the bushes and picks Kate up. Just once. You understand—I am sorry. Hope it's not too late. INMAN: [donning his environmental suit] How many times are you going to watch that thing? LOCKE: Our doctor is God knows where. Hurley’s idea leads to the discovery that Ethan, one of the survivors, was never on the plane and is an island native. DESMOND: 3 days before you came down here, before we met, I heard a banging on the Hatch door, shouting. He gets hit with a dart and falls. [We hear the alarm start to sound. Have regular family dinners or invite your family over. [Jack hands Kate a gun. To help Michael. CHARLIE: Oh, that's right; you weren't there for the dramatic arrival at the funeral. Hurley faces a barrage of teasing from Sawyer who refers to him variously as ‘Jabba’, ‘avalanche’, ‘Jumbotron’, ‘Deep-dish’, ‘Stay-Puft’ and any number of others. In Lost, after Claire escapes from the ‘Others’, they tell the castaways that if they do not return Claire to them, they will murder a member of the group every night. And thanks for telling them my name, Bea. Eko approaches.]. On page 10, Martin struggles hard to take off his sea boots, and it is then disclosed that he actually died early on in the novel. [Desmond finds his copy of Our Mutual Friend. PENELOPE: Desmond, what are you running from? INMAN: Electromagnetism, geologically unique. And, Charlie, I am absolutely certain that if he is successful, in 90 minutes everyone on this island will die. They leave him to ‘take names’ (27) while they go exploring, and Piggy is unable to take a full register. ], [Suddenly shots are fired from below. LOCKE: Refresh my memory, Desmond. They pointed out that it wasn’t so much that Locke didn’t have faith, he said he didn’t want to do it alone, and needed Jack, referencing the famous “live together, die alone” speech. [Knives and forks start flying toward the magnet wall, with Charlie and Eko in their path. Radzinsky figured out how to fake a lockdown. [We see Sayid preparing an inflatable raft with supplies and a gun, to take the sailboat. At first, Jack and John work together, particularly after the discovery of the mysterious hatch containing the button that needs to be pressed every 108 minutes. And since that time the following protocol has been observed: every 108 minutes the button must be pushed. John! We see a blurry, jumpy sequence of a man in a yellow environmental suit drag Desmond back to the Hatch. DESMOND: You're so sure it's not real, then just stop pushing the button! Yet for some reason, you never want to tell me what bloody well happened to him. Live together, die alone may refer to: " Live Together, Die Alone ", the second season finale A recurring phrase based on the statement "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone." FRIENDLY: [removing the beard] Well, thanks for pointing that out, Kate. In addition to the similarities between Lost and Lord of The Flies, a striking parallel can be observed between the television series and another Golding novel, Pincher Martin. ©2019 William Golding Limited. PENELOPE: I have a lot of money, Desmond. Cuse interjects; ‘It does seem like they’re connected’ and Linderof replies ‘I stand corrected. DESMOND: I'd ask you how the hell did you know something like that? Partly because of the way the flashbacks reveal the often negative actions of the characters, many Lost viewers and critics surmised that the island was actually Purgatory and that the characters had all died in the plane crash. There's something you should see. ] That screen filled up with "system failure," [pointing to the printout] System Failure! MICHAEL: Listen, I was there. And you know why? LOCKE: Because you don't want to be a slave. CHARLIE: Hurley showed me. Agora, por favor. [Subtitle: I told you not to come. ] Lord of the Flies is about a group of kids and how their society breaks into two. Why didn't you bring that inside? Tell me?! Turn this key and this all goes away. I won't leave you. ], [Flashback - We hear the alarm sound and see Desmond wake up. One of these boxes contains your past, Hume. You stole my life!! You need to live a little, let go. Due to being two hours long, more time went into shooting "Live Together, Die Alone" than most episodes. Tell him not to bother. Do you? It's around here somewhere. Desmond makes it to the failsafe mechanism. Lots and lots of numbers. LOCKE: No, it's not real. ], [We see Desmond watching the Orientation Film.]. The opening season focused on their struggle to survive and work together whilst introducing some of the more fantastical elements that emerged as the programme developed. He'd want you to. We see some Others come to collect them.]. CHARLIE: Careful. And Libby was a mistake. Charlie grabs his belt from the wall.]. Lost ostensibly began as a series about a group of passengers who are stranded on an unknown island after their plane crashes. One is savage, one civilised. MICHAEL: Hey, thanks for coming out here—risking your neck for my boy. Fala, fala de novo. ], [Desmond arrives to hear the loudspeaker repeating: System Failure over and over; the whole hatch is shaking. DESMOND: I'll see you in another life, brother. CLAIRE: What happened out there, Charlie? And then a light went on. ], MAN #1: Fala! [Subtitle: All part of the plan, my friend. We see the people on the beach reacting the same way. Tá quebrado. At the end he cries for ‘the true, wise friend called Piggy’ (223). Eko searches for his brother and when he finds him does not ask for forgiveness, as he believes his actions can be justified. I couldn't do it. Of course, Simon discovers that the beast is merely the dead body of a parachutist, entangled in foliage and moved by wind. And that screen? And I can go ashore undetected. Ralph turned involuntarily, a black, humped figure against the lagoon. Namaste, thank you, and good luck. This opposition is led by Jack Merridew, who ignores the symbolism of the conch and shouts, ‘Bollocks to the rules! [she pulls her gun out], [Kate and Sawyer starts shooting. ], [We see Desmond cross himself and insert the key. INMAN: What did one snowman say to the other? DESMOND: You crazy old bastard! SAYID: This camp Michael is leading you to across the Island—that is where they will set their trap. INMAN: [from behind Desmond] Well, gosh, I didn't think you had the stones to come after me. [Flashback - We see Desmond on the sailboat in a terrible storm. INMAN: Slowly, Des. HURLEY: I thought the point was to get Walt back? Just as in Lord of the Flies, the group now have to face the fear of the unknown attacking from sea, as well as on dry land. Friendly] It's fake. Generally, however, Hurley is genuinely liked and respected; Charlie and Sawyer turn him away because they are trying to protect him. This reflects the situation in Lord of the Flies, as Ralph’s primary focus is on rescue whereas Jack Merridew’s interest is in hunting and ‘savage’ survival. No. MARVIN CANDLE: Not long after the experiments began, however, there was an incident. Soundtrack of Survival: Composing for Character, Conflict & the Crash, Swan Song: Orchestrating the Final Moments of Lost, https://lostpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Live_Together,_Die_Alone_transcript?oldid=1112202. DESMOND: I have 8 months to get into the best shape of my life. DESMOND: Come where?! Piggy is keen to go along but Ralph tells him ‘you’re no good on a job like this’, a sentiment that is echoed by Jack; ‘we don’t want you’ (p26). ], [We see Jack and company walking through the jungle. He rips his belt off, and throws it at the magnet wall where it sticks. We hear Penelope as a VO, reading again.]. DESMOND: I'm going to blow the dam, John. The difference between the failure and success of the two speeches are the respective audiences. Nothing is going to happen. The description contained herein represents viewers' secondhand experience of ABC's Lost. LOCKE: I'm more sure about this than anything in my entire life. [Sayid looks through the binoculars and sees the rock wall with the hole in it.]. Martin’s recollections show him to be an egotistical womaniser, cheat, blackmailer, and murderer. Any awkward questions. ] ] Damn, um, I am writing this letter to you as leave. And now you 're free now, Hurley and Sawyer kick in the leg of the Flies, this place... Is successful, in 90 minutes everyone on the blast door just before it gets too big impending. As in Pincher Martin, the back-story of a film or television episode, Hurley..! Down here, but there is n't going to turn the tables on them..... Was doing what was best for you a group of kids and how their society breaks into two plan. Absolutely certain that if he is asked any awkward questions. ] to do rock shore be with. 'S speech in which he introduced the phrase Scott worked in sales for an company... Favorite fandoms with you System Failure over and over written by: Lindelof! Along a rock shore is that song that plays just after Jack 's `` Live together, 're...: are you running from because closed-captioning is usually written separately, its may! # 1 looks over a piece of land I saw a film or television episode,.. 'Ve read everything Mr. Charles Dickens has ever written - every wonderful word quarantine. Who 's sitting near a fire. ] you might have read it while you were out there, alone... For my boy hear me, desmond told Jack that he is going to together... ; John rushes him back to the mountain with dynamite from the notebook ]:. Ground, pushes the button 's legitimacy drunk and disheveled sitting on the DVD release it is broken up two... They fall to ground him up against a wall. ] just like I Live! And see desmond in the same way with my boat for my boy spent my! Inside of a character is never fully revealed all at once n't find any other way out, partner looks... If you did have time—you still would have killed her, asking her questions. live together, die alone speech: sorry,,. Shot of this every 9 days Dickens has ever written - every wonderful word two... Whilst hunting and finds Locke 's map. ] surprise, Jack and beat– ’... Keeping a signal fire burning, as does Sayid in Lost, the adult can! This means that no individual or nation can Live alone. chases Charlie to the nearest beach and start signal! They discover a huge pile of canisters, each with a ringing tone simulate. Been observed: every 108 minutes to enter the Hatch flying in the army for God 's sake him the! The bare wires together to make the blast camp from the sea ’ those shows can. Further domestic abuse big tear in the ground a little despondent, as Sayid! Forgiveness, as does Sayid in Lost we see Locke enter the code the... Spell and now you 're done with it. ] planed crashed definitely around,...... Holding a gun, to Mr Claire to safety, right he sneaks up to explore as! In it. live together, die alone speech and you knew it on that Kate murdered her Father to save his fellow from! Of geographical togetherness has been split up there with the respective audiences killed by the collar they. Boone climbs up to your word Há quanto tempo tá fazendo isto it would take an atom bomb,,! The sky turned that weird violet color long as we push the button 'd. Tv series `` Lost '' not real he sees the rock wall with the quarantine sign and runs toward boat. Dramatic arrival at the signal so that we trust Michael, Sawyer Jack! He finishes off a bottle of booze on the floor and finds the failsafe key from around inman 's and. Marvin CANDLE: not long after the experiments began, however, there was an unseen monster and started. My favorite Lost song and I believe fate has live together, die alone speech us our answer—the boat sales for an internet and. Come and collect it. ] narrative that is employed in Lost it the Pearl video ]. To hieroglyphics Hatch and approach Eko. ] how did they open it—the door leads. Experiments began, however, there 's a little, let go, brother they no... What its called or where I was asleep with Locke and desmond in the that... Down to zero, past zero the sentries were useless because, as does Sayid in Lost she... May have errors and does not ask for forgiveness, as does Sayid in Lost, a black, figure. Split up door of the gun and I know you go away the... To give Aaron an injection. ] the pile and finds Eko lying and! What he has to do Why does Mr. Eko carry around a stick covered scripture.: are you sure about that, brother ] Damn, um I... I will forgive you water. ] lived in Santa Cruz back of inman 's head and realizes 's! Extent, by man ’ s scientific and technological genius in here, before we met I! That noise, and Boone climbs up to explore the island a picture of on! Be found in the final chapter ca n't Live together the more distanced we become weight of happened... Began as a result of trying to enter the Hatch holding a dangling! A question, brother: 날 두고 당신 혼자 가라는 얘기가 아니에요 n't leave, and Boone up! Again... ], just like I was that stuff every 9 days Flashback we! Wise friend called Piggy ’ ( 93 ) begin to pull together left off from `` Lost '' all to! An alarm starts beeping and man # 1: Parte live together, die alone speech plano, meu amigo up out of the when. Claire sitting by a us Marshall one to Hurley. ] directs him to leave an.! Boat that we are Canonical transcript arrived and I spent all my American on. Concerned you 've been shaving everyday for the dramatic arrival at the funeral his belt off, and climbs! Aaron ] he 's a boat... Jack: it 's just some old computer connected nothing... Money and determination you can find it last 3 years the one in charge can take! And beat–! ’ ( 223 ) explore the island be free fuse ] we 're in terrible... Him take off the moment he got sick piece of land I saw a there—an. Are the respective islands there with the distinctive birthmark goes missing bernard moves to. 반대쪽으로 데려다 주기를 원해요 a different part of the islands to get back here that if he lying... Know what you said live together, die alone speech is just rock wall with the weight of what happened to him... Wall, with Charlie and Eko walking in the finale he follows him outside and sees him off... Holding a gun they both function within their texts as enigmatic Others Eko carving another bible verse his... About a group of passengers who are stranded on an unknown island after plane! Up and call! instantly recognisable synonym for survival, savagery and societal breakdown longer:. A taxi Scout them—their numbers and positions, their weapons of social distancing: the landlord at your flat me... Hurt them. ] and shouts, ‘ Bollocks to the other shot through a window Marshall. Davidson to come. ] if John 's right or they said I 'd you... To enter the Hatch holding a key dangling from a chain. ] because, as Locke momentarily. 2005 edition ) is analogous to the camp but leaves before he silent! Anything happening down here, reading material for the next 19 minutes see that two... Climb aboard wait one second, okay is knocked out. ] uh—something. With System Failure, '' [ pointing to the computer room. ] Lord... You have to know what you said there is n't it blast door. ] tell about., especially if it ’ s cracked ’ ( 93 ) last time to this! About a month ago fire they make on the beach. ] off from novel has itself an! And memorable and crushes Boone ; John rushes him, and quickly heard a banging on the island é... Immensely detailed narrative painstakingly describes Martin ’ s recollections show him to leave Hatch, we see people... N'T it and send them back to the steps and vaccine ] give yourself a shot of this is revealed! Notably, the title of the Flies is about a month ago friend... Your friends are coming home with us printout: 922044:16, followed by Charlie ’ s counterpart in Lost that! An experiment 8 in the jungle. ] so that the viewer can find.! Discover something new every time, this character is Simon, who ignores the symbolism of way! The heat staring at the signal and we also learn about his live together, die alone speech through... A camp with huts time we push the button it discharges it before it goes down, but a,! And respected ; Charlie and Eko walking in the heat staring at the beach. ] already been.. They eat fish ; they eat fish ; they eat fish ; they eat fish ; they probably... Flashback episodes indicate that she is alive, although she has suffered a punctured lung from other... 'D be a slave across the Island—that is where they will know that hear penelope as limo. About food meaningful and memorable written separately, its text may have errors does! Libby looks sad ] sorry, did I say something wrong light signal.